Логотип РобоФиниста


International Robotics Festival

Welcome to RoboFinist

"RoboFinist" is an annual international championship for autonomous and mobile robots. Our goal is to create a communicative environment with robot designers from all over the world, exchange experience and develop new skills. In 2016 there were 30 types of competitions, 1000 participants from 65 cities of Russia and all over the world.


Raising and cultivating young scientists and engineers for development of applied sciences in Russia and in the world.

Main principle

Equal conditions for all participants in a variety of competitions with simple and complex tasks.

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To participate in the festival "RoboFinist 2017" you must fill out the registration form and go through the qualifying stage

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For all queries, please, contact organizing comittee:

Alexey Khovanskiy
phone: +7 (999) 219-06-01
e-mail: info@robofinist.org

Anna Khovanskaya
phone: +7 (911) 093-75-23
e-mail: info@robofinist.org

Head of the organizing committee
Olga Rotocheva
e-mail: info@robofinist.org

Main referee
Sergey Filippov
e-mail: info@robofinist.org