BoDo CRO team


We have been competing in Rescue Line for 3 years on a lot of competitions so our robot had a lot of upgrades and design changes. Our current robot is based on an Arduino compatible Microcontroller unit, Teensy 3.6. He is 3D printed and assembled with plastic screws, spacers and hot glue. He has 4 Pololu 20D motors and 4 Pololu scooter wheels. The robot has 5 servos, 2 for the hands, 2 for lifting and spining the hands and 1 for opening the door of the basket which we are going to add to the robot. There are 7 IR line sensors and 2 color sensors for line following. He uses a LSM9DS1 IMU(accelerometer, gyroscope, compass) from Adafruit and 7 Lidar Range Finders from Pololu. There are 5 buttons on the hands and 1 on the main part of the robot. The robot has a led and a photodiode on the hands for victim detection and a piece of aluminium foil for detecting if the victim is dead or alive. He also has some MRMS (Mobile Robot Modular System) parts: Motor driver, Voltage regulator, Line sensors and Distribution pins for I2C.