RCJ Open Forward


            Since we started doing RoboCup Junior Soccer we have been constantly updating our robot's designs and electronics. The robots which we are going to use on RoboFinist in Russia 2018 are based on Arduino compatible Teensy 3.2, a Microcontroller unit. Our robots are consisting of 4 Joinmax motors and4 Joinmax Omni wheels, the construction is mainly 3d printed (with exceptions of standoffs, screws, etc.). Electronics consist of MRMS(Mobile Robot Modular System) boards and some Adafruit boards. Wiring consists of Dupont and Molex connectors. We are programming the robots in Visual Studio Comunity 2017 with an Arduino and Teensy plugin. The bare code(without libraries) has around 1000 lines of code however with all of the libraries(15 of them) it has more than 3000 lines. Some upgrades which we are going to do before Russia is goal recognition and a better goalie logic.