Robot is made based on commercially available humanoid kit KONDO which is made in Japan.  
From KONDO kit we have used following parts:
- servomotors,
- servo controller,
- general mechanical bipedal frame,
- analogue gyros,
- analogue accelerometers.
Following parts from original kit were modified:
- step sole,
- servomotor plastic levers are replaced by machined aluminum levers   
- Battery and high current wires, 
- arrangement of bipedal structure was re-designed to make robot to be capable for splits pose.  
Following parts were designed and added to robot:
- Smart Camera OpenMV
- Digital IMU
- Robot Head( 3D printed)
- Head pan and tilt servos
Modifications into factory bipedal structure and adding heavy head have led to cancellation of all factory supplied motions including walking engine. All motions and walking engine were re-designed.