RoboCup Robofinist Challenge

About RoboCup

RoboCup is a world famous and one of the most breathtaking international robotic competitions. Russian teams take their first steps on the way to RoboCup Championship. Russian RoboCup community develops RoboCup projects in more than 20 cities of our country and joins together during RoboCup Russia Open events and other contests in Russia.

And now on Robofinist 2018 we would like to introduce you the first RoboCup Robofinist Challenge!


About the Challenge

RoboCup Robofinist Challenge is a complex of events during the festival that is organized by members of Russian RoboCup Organizing Committee. It is organized to develop and extend RoboCup community in Russia.

Competitions in leagues:

  • RoboCup Junior Rescue Line

  • RoboCup Junior Rescue Maze

  • RoboCup Junior onStage (advanced)

  • RoboCup Junior Soccer Lightweight

  • RoboCup Junior Soccer Open


  • RoboCup@Work: demo

  • RoboCup Small Size League: demo

  • RoboCup Kid Size League: demo

Round table

  • RoboCup in Russia and worldwide: why it is important to join (bilingual: russian and english)  

Organizing committee

  • Evgeny Shandarov, Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR) - Humanoid KidSize Soccer, 3D Simulation - responsible for communication with RoboCup Federation, RoboCupJunior representative in Russia

  • Oleg Shmakov, Russian state scientific center for robotics and technical cybernetics (RTC), Rescue

  • Sergey Filippov, Presidential Lyceum of Physics and Mathematics #239, St. Petersburg, Russia

Executive secretary

  • Natalia Ten,  Presidential Lyceum of Physics and Mathematics #239, St. Petersburg, Russia, tel: +79214448479

Useful links

RoboCup Russia Open (official page)

Robotics Center of Presidential Lyceum of Physics and Mathematics #239 (official page)

RoboCup in Presidential Lyceum of Physics and Mathematics #239 (unofficial english page)