RoboFinist 2018

SCC "Peterburgsky", Saint Petersburg, Russia

Festival “RoboFinist” is a long-awaited step in robotics progress for children and adults in Russia. This event is designed to gather like-minded people, who want to discover the fascinating world of robotics. An important component of our festival is its international status, which means that all participants get the unique opportunity to communicate and exchange their knowledge with specialists from abroad. 

We look forward to seeing you all at the festival! 

Come and get inspired!

Information abot hotels.

Please note, that verification of applications will be carried out after the registration process is completed in accordance with quotas and selection criteria, which will be announced later.

What you need to participate :

Before you start registration process, please, read, the General competitions rules

  • Read the regulations of the type of competitions you wish to take part in
  • Click “Participate”
  • Choose the program/type of competitions
  • Create your robot or a team of robots, that participate in one or more types of competitions
  • Fill in the information about team members and supervisors (they should be registered in advance)
  • Each member of the team should confirm his participation in his own profile
  • Check out and make sure that your application did not remain in the drafts
  • Wait for approval of your robots by the organisers
  • Name your BID number at the regestration desk